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Our Steps To Be Sustainable

We believe that companies should be doing what they can to be continuing to operate in a sustainable way.

Glass jars are the oldest form of packaging, which through Coronavirus has demonstrated other advantages, being both safe and ecological. The outer packaging can be collected to be reused or recycled, as everything is made from natural materials. These jars are a great infinite source of recycled packaging. 

For every saved jar we offer £0.50 off of your next order with Maison d'Entremets.

Organic Ingredients

We believe in utilizing organic ingredients free from preservatives that can cause damage to the environment. Not only will our food taste amazingly fresh, it will hold nutrient-rich ingredients that are not compromised by any non-organic preservatives.

We offer a £0.50 discount for your next order for every glass jar returned to us!

Just give it back to our courier and let us know by email, how many glass jars have been returned. We will do the rest and apply a discount to your order.

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What our clients say
We were delighted to be one of the first customers of Maison d’Entremets this Saturday! We would like to admit that our breakfast was filled with tasty varieties of chicken liver pate, chickpeas hummus on French crusty baguette & mouthwatering mascarpone cheese mousse desert! All fresh and tasty!
Levinzon Slava
Hi, we just reсeived Hamper box sent by our friends from you guys and can tell you it’s the best I've ever tried:) We occasionally buy hampers from Harrods and Fortum and Maison but your's one is so much better :) fresh is the main to describe... velvety ... just perfect! Thank you! All your work is highly appreciated!
I am delighted!! The pate is incredibly delicious !! Super!! Thanks a lot! We will order more. The taste is both bright and delicate, you just want to take a spoon and eat everything at once. Believe me, I wouldn't write a review if I didn't like it!
Uliana Musykevych
Our Valentine's Day morning was decorated by Maison d'Entremets! Unmatched taste of delicate liver paste with orange liqueur, white bean hummus, peanut cream will deliver to the top of everyone who orders a breakfast set! Thanks for the advice! It was the right decision to celebrate the magic of the morning on such a beautiful day!
Olesya Lyalik
It seems like I was in Paris, having freshly baked baguette with delicately tasting pate. Hm... no it’s was a new virtual gastronomic restaurant coming early morning straight to my door. Unbelievable combination variety of pate with a delicate taste, my suggestion: pair with berry sauce. If you want something special? Save this page @maison_d_entremets Thank you again for making this V-day unpredictable
Tanya Laskivska
Hi, your products are delicious. I did share them in my story! Really love the dessert one. The others are a bit too much for a small family to eat in one week. One jar will be enough :)))
Nadiia Fedyniak
Thank you very much for such a tasty gift for Easter weekend!!! Everything is delicious and delicate, and the packaging is so nice! Highly recommended!
Victoria Derbey
Hi there! Thank you very much for the delicious treats for us this morning :) Everything was tasty, the bread was a little bit dry, as for me, but my husband was over the moon ☺️ Will definitely order from you again and recommend it to our friends ;)
Kseniia Loginova
Perfect gift for Mothers Day!
Irina Ponomarenko
First of all, thanks for a great product! We really felt how you care about your customers ! It is not only delicious but also very beautiful:) I was not expecting a brownie, you seem to know that I love them very much! Anchovy butter is awesome! What I liked best was the cream cheese mouse with hazelnuts and raspberry jelly. This is some kind of takeoff !!!! Everything is very delicious! Will definitely recommend it! Thank you so much!
Viktoriya Balakhontseva