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Happy Birthday (plum+gold) £1.49
Specially for you (salmon+gold) £1.49
Specially for you (pink+gold) £1.49
Add a wine to your hamper
Our own invention. Enjoy it with pancakes or waffles
Smooth texture & rich balance of flavours created a one of a kind whipped peanut cream
- +
100% chocolate with Brandy and Cinnamon flavour
Celebrated with a hint of chocolate that children and adults cherish
- +
Roasted peanut paste with pitted Prunes and lemon juice
This cream is our own invention! Perfect spread with a hint of prunes and fresh lemon juice
- +
with Brandy, Thyme flavoured Butter and Cream
Classic recipe with fresh Cream, Thyme, spices & a hint of Brandy
- +
Our own version of famous Italian Easter Cake
Delicious on its own, Colomba is often served with fresh berries, drizzled in dark chocolate...
- +