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Collalto Dame Conegliano Prosecco Valdobbiadene

Sweet calls sweet. In this way, we could summarize the 'destiny' of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Dry. It is in fact the most loaded version in terms of residual sugars, one in which the characteristics of the vine play hide with the influences, in fact, of the sweet note, escaping to it in a game of I see / I do not see, in the specific case of I feel / I do not hear, definitely intriguing. It is therefore thanks to the skill of the winemaker that this wine has been preserved the original scents of the fruit, making them coexist with sugary suadenze, generally contaminating, guaranteeing its balance and preserving its varietal appearance.

Refined, fruity, with scents of citrus, white peach, and green apple.

Full-flavoured, crisp, and showing an elegant touch of sweetness. Also, try with fruit skewers or caramelized fruit.


GRAPE 100% Glera
CLOSURE Natural Cork
CHARACTERISTICS Apples, Pears, Floral
TYPE White sparkling Charmat method brut
ABV ABV 11.50%
STYLE Crisp & Fruity
APPELLATION Hills of Susegana (classical area of Prosecco Superiore)



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2018, France
An intense nose of rose petals, oriental spice and tropical fruit. Gently off-dry, with a round and mellow texture...
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2019, Italy
Excellent as an aperitif if drunk alone, it goes well with warm starters of sea fish, delicate fried fish from the Adriatic, vegetable tempura...
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Refined, fruity, with scents of citrus, white peach, and green apple. Full-flavoured, crisp, and showing an elegant touch of sweetness...
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2019, Italy
The ideal pairing (so-called ‘by tradition’) is with the classic ‘cicheti’ from Veneto (a sort of fish-based appetizers, eggs, vegetables)...
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2019, France
This is a round, textured rose, a gorgeous, vibrant, dark, pink colour. Nice dry, refreshing finish. You may have trouble sharing it!
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2020, France
Perfect for sophisticated aperitifs, southern French dishes, Mediterranean fish dishes and quality grilled meats. Ripe, soft red-berry flavours and density elevate the texture.
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